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I am so so super (like I want to go celebrate with a big bowl of moose tracks ice cream and maybe even a party hat) excited to announce to you that BerryTree Photography is expanding to encompass Greenville, SC, Asheville, NC and Charlotte, NC as part of our wedding collections.  What does this mean?  Weddings in these locations will no longer incur travel fees!  I am currently working on branching out to local vendors and planners in these areas to let them know about my new service offerings, but if you happen to know anyone in these areas that is engaged, I would LOVE if you would pass along the information!  This is such an exciting time for BerryTree Photography…thank you for the ongoing and continued support!!

AtlantaCharlotteGreenvilleAshevilleweb Exciting Announcement! | BerryTree Photography | Expanding to Greenville, Asheville, and Charlotte

I love a good project, but rarely do I take time out of my busy schedule to actually make things that have forever been on my “someday to do list”.  Today, I decided to venture into making my own sugar scrub!  I figured this would make the perfect gift for either bridesmaids or guests at your wedding and so I took some pictures of the process so I could share!  All of the ingredients in this sugar scrub are natural and it will give you the SMOOTHEST skin!  I personally love using it on my legs after a shave and I’ve created this scrub with ingredients that make it perfectly safe (and awesome) to use on your face as well!

The ingredients:

  • 1 1/3 cups brown sugar
  • 2 1/3 cups sugar
  • 1/4 tsp. tea tree oil
  • this has a very strong odor and can be omitted if the odor bothers you, but I love the benefits it provides (see below)
  • 1 tbsp. Vitamin E oil
  • 1 tbsp. vanilla extract
  • approx. 10 oz. olive oil

(I also added some drops of a “home fragrance oil” from Bath and Body Works…normally something you would put in a diffuser and burn…to help mask the smell of the tea tree oil.  An essential oil would probably have been a better choice, but this is what I had in the house and really…it was so little compared to the amount of sugar I was using I didn’t think it would matter much!)

ok…so I started with an old mason jar from my grandmother’s house – I just love these jars…they make me smile…so why not!  This is a 1 Quart jar and this recipe fills the jar perfectly!  (I would break it into MUCH smaller (4-8oz jars) if you are making this for a gift!)
Sugar Scrub DSC 3337 Just Because | Sugar Scrub | Perfect gift for bridesmaids or wedding thank you gifts!

next…mix the brown and regular sugar together until smooth
Sugar Scrub DSC 3338 Just Because | Sugar Scrub | Perfect gift for bridesmaids or wedding thank you gifts!

Sugar Scrub DSC 3339 Just Because | Sugar Scrub | Perfect gift for bridesmaids or wedding thank you gifts!

add tea tree oil, Vitamin E oil, vanilla extract, and any other “smell good” items you want to add.  Here’s a good time to answer…why tea tree oil and Vitamin E oil?  Because they are AWESOME for your skin!

some of the benefits of tea tree oil:

  • general disinfectant that fights bacteria in all kinds of wounds and infections
  • treats fungal diseases
  • helps skin to heal by by encouraging the formation of new scar tissue
  • gives relief from muscular pain, aches, sprains

some of the benefits of Vitamin E:

  • strong antioxidant that prevents premature aging
  • prevents and repairs free radical damage
  • has anti-inflammatory properties
  • used to treat sunburns
  • prevents water loss from the skin and helps to retain its natural moisture

Sugar Scrub DSC 3354 Just Because | Sugar Scrub | Perfect gift for bridesmaids or wedding thank you gifts!

next…add olive oil to wet the mixture.  I didn’t measure…just poured until the sugar mixture was wet and there was a LITTLE extra olive oil.  If I had to guestimate I would say I used about 10 oz. of olive oil.
Sugar scrub DSC 3349 Just Because | Sugar Scrub | Perfect gift for bridesmaids or wedding thank you gifts! Sugar Scrub DSC 3350 Just Because | Sugar Scrub | Perfect gift for bridesmaids or wedding thank you gifts!

scoop into your jar!  It will look like the below…a bit lumpy…just put the lid on and shake the jar and it will even all of that out!
Then…you are D.O.N.E. – DONE!

Sugar scrub DSC 3352 Just Because | Sugar Scrub | Perfect gift for bridesmaids or wedding thank you gifts!

for my final step I threw a ribbon and some yarn around the jar to just pretty it up!  Use your wedding colors and decorate away!

Sugar Scrub DSC 3370 Just Because | Sugar Scrub | Perfect gift for bridesmaids or wedding thank you gifts!

Not to totally rub it in for all of my readers right now…but…I just HAD to share this picture I took this morning at the beach.  I am here for a solid week and so far loving and cherishing every minute of it!  It’s incredibly amazing to me to look out at the water and soak in all of God’s creation…just wow!  I’m cherishing every second of my time here and just wanted to share a bit of it with you!

Seagrove View v2 web Seagrove Beach, FL | BerryTree Photography

BerryTree Photography has been featured in an online news blog for our community! How cool!  Head over to Patch to check out the article!

Screen shot 2011 03 01 at 8.01.52 PM Way cool!  BerryTree Photography | Canton GA Photographer

Braves2 Atlanta Braves team up with BerryTree Photography!  **Models Needed**

First of all…let me start by saying how incredibly humbled I am!  I (me! BerryTree Photography!) have been asked by The Atlanta Braves and Turner Field to shoot some promo images for them!  How cool would it be to have pictures of you and your loved ones taken at the field?  Awesome right?!  Well…Turner Field thinks so too and is starting a campaign to let more people know that this is an option (you can even get married there!)  So…they’ve asked me to take some pictures that they can use in their promotional materials both online and in print.

Here’s where you come in!  We’ll be doing two shoots.  An engagement session and a family session – and I need models!  Please see below for details and if you meet the criteria and are interested, please let my know via an e-mail titled “Braves” sent to by THIS Friday, February 11th.  Also…please make sure to include a picture of you and those that will be photographed.  We’ll be choosing the models this weekend and doing the shoots next week at Turner Field (the week of the 14th).

What I need:

  • a couple in their mid 20s-early 30s (currently engaged or recently married preferred)
  • a family with 2-3 kids – at least 1 boy and 1 girl
  • wardrobe will need to be approved by myself and Turner Field but it should be something similar to the looks below
    (we can discuss specifics if you are the models chosen)
  • available between 5:30-7:30 weeknights during the week of February 14th

What you will get:

  • 10 digital low resolution images from your session to be able to share online with family and friends
    4×6 prints of each of the 10 images
  • the ability to purchase the high resolution files or additional prints at a discounted price
  • the opportunity to be featured on the Atlanta Braves website and in marketing materials!

**We will take pictures in outfits similar to the below as well as Atlanta Braves gear that will be supplied by the stadium.

TurnerFieldEngagementweb Atlanta Braves team up with BerryTree Photography!  **Models Needed**TurnerFieldFamilyweb Atlanta Braves team up with BerryTree Photography!  **Models Needed**

This song just makes me smile in my heart.  It is just so sweet!  It doesn’t hurt that it also reminds me of my little bro and his sweet fiance.  I helped him make a slideshow of engagement pictures I took to this song and he gave it to her for Christmas.  Let me tell you…everyone in the room was crying watching that video!   Just thought I’d spread the love and share Train’s – Marry Me with you all just in case you haven’t heard it yet!  Enjoy.

**seriously swooning**

only 8 days until the reveal of Urban Outfitter/Anthropologie’s wedding dress line (BHLDN)!! This lover of all things girly, sweet, romantic, vintage, ruffles and lace is in heaven!  I can already tell these dresses are going to be a photographer’s dream to shoot!  So much texture and detail!

Head to to learn more!

BHLDN Anthropologie Wedding Dresses??  Yes please!

Who knew I would ever get so excited about business cards??!  I just got these in the mail this week and I’m so thrilled!  They are gorgeous and I can’t wait to hand them out to everyone I know!  Just wanted to share their lovely-ness since they make me so happy I thought they might brighten someone else’s day as well!

DSC 1876 Business Cards!  BerryTree Photography : Atlanta, GA photographer

DSC 1879 Business Cards!  BerryTree Photography : Atlanta, GA photographer