Wedding season is about to start up again!  Yippee!  My first wedding of the year is on February 25th and I’m READY to get back out there and start shooting all of my precious brides and grooms!  But before the craziness begins again I was able to take a much needed vacation to San Diego for a week and a half.  Today is my last day here, and I’m so sad to be leaving this incredible weather to come back to a cold and windy ATL.  So…I thought I’d share a bit of my trip with ya’ll and relive all of the amazing adventures I’ve had!

Days 1-5

The BEST friends a girl could ask for got to hang out!  I am incredibly close with 6 other photographers who live all over…literally!  Gulf Shores, AL – Dallas, TX – San Diego, CA – Portland, OR – Edmonton, Canada and Ottawa, Canada!  Seriously I am blessed beyond measure to call each of them my friend!  We try to get together at least once a year in one of our hometowns and explore the area as well as save plenty of time for girl talk!  You might remember my Portland trip in August….this time it was San Diego!  We started our trip with a day at Coronado.  So pretty and such history!

sphoto2 300x300 San Diego!  | BerryTree Photography | Wedding Photographer

The next day we did Disneyland…and we did it right!  We got to the park at 9am and didn’t leave until midnight!  15 hours STRAIGHT baby!  As we walked in the gates we were skipping down the street…when we left we were bending over…stretching our backs…rubbing our knees…we were exhausted but had the time of our lives!

San Diego San Diego!  | BerryTree Photography | Wedding Photographer

The rest of the weekend we went shopping, ate lots of yummy food, watched a few sunsets and in general just had lots of girl time.  It is so awesome to be with a bunch of friends where you click on so many levels.  Yes, we had our fair share of nerdy photographer talk, but most of the weekend was spent talking about husbands, kids, dating (me!), things going on in our lives, and already talking about our next time we’ll get together!  Love these girls!

San Diego1 San Diego!  | BerryTree Photography | Wedding Photographer

We did fit in a little time for a photoshoot – THIS is what happens when 7 photographers that are usually BEHIND the camera get together and decide to try and take a nice portrait and be on the other side of the lens…things turn CRAZY!  Told ya we have fun doing ANYTHING!

Desktop1 San Diego!  | BerryTree Photography | Wedding Photographer

Days 6-11

All of my girls left on Monday, but I stayed behind to hang out with Shari and her family for the rest of the week!  She has two precious little girls (5 year old twins) that I totally “used” to get to have more fun!  Wednesday we decided to take a walk and enjoy some of the gorgeous California scenery!  Seriously…isn’t this amazing!?  And…Shari and I had a hot date together!  :-P

San Diego3 San Diego!  | BerryTree Photography | Wedding Photographer

Friday we went back to Disney…so amazing to see Disney again but through children’s eyes.  They just LIT up when they saw the princesses….so incredibly adorable! And I got to meet Mickey!

San Diego2 San Diego!  | BerryTree Photography | Wedding PhotographerFriday brought Sea WORLD!!!  One of my favorite places E.V.E.R.!  There is something just so magical about marine animals…they make my heart smile!  A great time was had by all!

San Diego4 San Diego!  | BerryTree Photography | Wedding Photographer

Saturday, Shari, her husband Travis and I went on a hike at Torrey Pines!  The trail leads to the Pacific Ocean and ends in amazing views!  We don’t get rock cliffs and scenery like this in GA!  Who wants to get married here?  I would LOVE to shoot a wedding with these views!  Incredible!

San Diego5 San Diego!  | BerryTree Photography | Wedding Photographer

I leave tomorrow and while I’m sad to leave San Diego, I’m also glad to get back to GA and get back into the swing of things…wedding season…HERE I COME!