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Ok…in an effort to “catch up” – I MUST post this session today!  I have been so delinquent in this one its not even funny.  Why must I catch up now?  Because….Jessica, of Genny and Jane is hosting a trunk show next Friday (the 12th) for ZoZoBugBaby!  And I am SO excited to get to be there…and…I wanted to invite all of you!

The ZoZoBug Trunk show will take place in Canton, GA on Friday March 12th.  You will be able to purchase amazing outfits from ZoZoBug as well as coordinating hair accessories from Genny and Jane.  I’ll also be there to showcase my photography, and a few other “sellers” will be in attendence as well.  Oh…and food and wine also!  So…if you can…come join us!  Just send an e-mail to me ( and I’ll send you an evite!  Hope to see you there!

The model is Miss Amelia, daugther of Jessia from Genny and Jane and is just adorable!  I LOVE this little birdie dress and so many of the other outfits at ZoZoBug!  If only I had a little girl to spoil…I would be spoiling her ROTTEN with these outfits!  These are the outfits that photographers DREAM of children showing up in for their portrait session – so much fun, and color, and whimsy, and personality!  (and with cute hair accessories to top it off…just perfect!)  Jessica and Julie, thanks so much for allowing me to photograph your amazing works of art – can’t wait to work with you both again soon!

4104081627 e9a3d8094f o ZoZoBug and Genny and Jane!  BerryTree Photography   Canton, GA : Child Photographer

4104846694 d40ca85b5b o ZoZoBug and Genny and Jane!  BerryTree Photography   Canton, GA : Child Photographer

4104118401 5d1a13abe5 o ZoZoBug and Genny and Jane!  BerryTree Photography   Canton, GA : Child Photographer

ok…ran out of time…but watch out tonight for another post with some more pictures…including some fabulous sunflower hair clips!  too cute for spring and summer!

so far behind it’s not even funny!  You might see a post a day from me for a while until I get caught up!

To get started with…Juliet and Logan’s engagement session.  I will be shooting their wedding in April and am so excited!  We took these pictures up at Berry College.  Berry is where I went to school…hence…BerryTree Photography.  Any chance I get to return there…I do!  It is such a gorgeous place and just incredible for pictures!  Ok ok…enough talking…onto the pictures!   Juliet and Logan…can’t wait for your big day!

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So so excited to announce this INSANE contest!  I’m not sure what’s gotten into me, but…I’m not sure you will EVER see a deal like this again!  So get out there…facebook, tweet, e-mail…tell ALL of your friends, co-workers, family members, acquaintances…anyone…about BerryTree Photography…and YOU could win this off-the-wall crazy prize!

4402671790 6204c11d11 o It's getting CRAZY around here!!


*If you tweet about BTP, make sure to tag @berrytreephoto (you may tweet more than once to earn additional points)

*If you update your facebook status to say something nice about BTP or post a link on facebook to, make sure to leave a comment letting me know you did so on the BerryTree Photography fan page - (you may post several facebook updates to earn additional points)

*If you send an e-mail to friends and family about BTP you will receive one point for each e-mail address you send information to. Make sure to copy when you send your e-mail and kind words about us!

*The winner of the contest will be drawn on April 1st

*The winner may choose either the “Basic” wedding collection (which includes all digital files) or a Portrait session and digital negatives of all edited images (20-30 images) – the “prize” must be used towards a future session, may not be used on any sessions or weddings currently booked.

*If you choose the “Basic” wedding collection, your wedding must take place between May 2010 and March 2011 and be located within 75 miles of Atlanta, GA (if your wedding is located outside of this area, a travel fee will be assessed)

*The “Basic” wedding collection includes 4 hours of wedding coverage. If you would like additional coverage or products, you may “upgrade” to another collection and receive the value of the “Basic” collection as a credit ($1755) *note, if your wedding falls on a day that BerryTree Weddings is already booked you may “gift” your prize to another bride you know, or you may trade it for a portrait session and negatives (ex: engagement session, bridal session, etc.)

*If you choose the portrait session, your session must take place before October 2010 and be located within 50 miles of Canton, GA *Note, portrait session is for immediate family members only.

*May not be combined with any other coupons, offers, or promotions